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RIYADH: The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah and Guidance inaugurated King Salman’s “Gifts of Dates” program in Sweden. The Ramadan program will distribute two tonnes of dates in Stockholm to about 8,000 Muslims.

Saudi Ambassador to Sweden Enas bint Ahmed Al-Shahwan, head of Dar Al-Fatwa in Sweden Sheikh Diaa Eddin Dahoud and other Islamic figures took part in the inauguration.

During the event, Al-Shahwan highlighted the Kingdom’s efforts to serve Islam and Muslims around the world, supervise the affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, serve pilgrims and promote dialogue, tolerance and coexistence.

Islamic centers play a crucial role in strengthening the values of responsible citizenship and promoting intellectual and cultural approaches that preserve authentic Islamic principles, she said.

The ministry also launched the gift program in Denmark, containing two tons of dates, benefiting around 8,000 Muslims, in the presence of Saudi ambassador, 
Sahl bin Mustafa bin Ahmed Arqsus, and a number of embassy employees in the Copenhagen.

It will be distributed to mosques and Islamic associations in Denmark, as part of the programs implemented by the ministry during the month of Ramadan in many countries, in accordance with the directives of the Saudi leadership. 

The religious attache at the Saudi embassy in Chad on Wednesday launched the gift programs for distributing dates and iftar meals at the King Faisal University in the Chadian capital, N’Djamena.
Saudi Ambassador to Chad Amer bin Ali Al-Shehri, President of the Supreme Islamic Council Dr. Mohammed Khattar, President of the King Faisal University Dr. Mohammed Bukhari Hassan, and several other figures and heads of Islamic associations attended the ceremony.
Around five tons of dates will be distributed, and more than 30,000 individuals will benefit from the programs.

Meanwhile, the religious attache at the Saudi embassy in Thailand launched the gift programs for distributing dates and iftar meals in South Korea.
Attending the launch at the Central Mosque in Seoul, were Saudi Deputy Ambassador Fahd Al-Barakah, and Central Mosque Imam Sheikh Abdulrahman Lee.
More than 12,000 individuals will benefit from the two programs.

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