Saudi Tourism Authority, Huawei expand partnership to boost Chinese tourism to Kingdom

The Saudi Tourism Authority is expanding its strategic collaboration with Huawei Mobile Services and Petal Ads, the advertising arm of HMS, to boost Chinese tourism to the Kingdom and enhance the tourists’ travel experience by making it smarter and more immersive. The partnership aims to revolutionize the way tourists explore the country through increased digitization of travel services, with a special focus on attracting Chinese tourists to the Kingdom.

HMS and the Saudi Tourism Authority signed an MoU during the Approved Destination Status launch ceremony held in Beijing. Fahd M. Hamidaddin, CEO of the Saudi Tourism Authority, was the signatory of the MoU along with Walter Ji Rengui, president of Huawei Consumer Cloud Service Global Ecosystem Development and Operations. The signing reflects both parties’ ongoing collaboration and continued shared commitment to promoting Saudi Arabia as a unique and dynamic destination for Chinese audiences.

Choon Yang Quek, chief technology officer, Saudi Tourism Authority, said: “The partnership with Huawei Mobile Services and Petal Ads is part of Saudi’s wider novel approach to marketing tourism and travel experiences that transform the visitor experience. Huawei has a deep connection with its consumers, which combined with Saudi’s dedication to visitor experiences, allows us to reach new audiences more effectively via established Huawei channels and tap into new insights on Chinese travelers to better tailor their journey in Saudi.”

Alhasan Aldabbagh, president of APAC markets at Saudi Tourism Authority, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Huawei Mobile Services and Petal Ads to enhance the travel experience of tourists visiting Saudi. By making Huawei’s cutting-edge technology an integral part of the travel experience, we can tap into established channels to reach a much wider audience and develop a deeper understanding of potential visitors. Through this partnership, we are reaffirming our commitments set out under Vision 2030 and are delivering tailored and custom experiences for Chinese travelers.”

Rengui said: “We are delighted to partner with the Saudi Tourism Authority in this exciting collaboration. By integrating our advanced technology solutions, we aim to provide tourists visiting Saudi with an enhanced and seamless travel experience. This partnership reflects our commitment to innovation and our dedication to transforming the tourism industry for the better.” 

By integrating HMS’ advanced technology solutions, tourists visiting Saudi Arabia will enjoy a smarter travel experience and will have access to a range of innovative tools and applications that can simplify their journey. From seamless navigation and language translation services to augmented reality-guided tours, this collaboration aims to ensure that tourists can make the most of their time while traveling. 

Through this partnership, the Saudi Tourism Authority seeks to leverage cutting-edge technology to offer tourists an unparalleled experience while showcasing the rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality that Saudi Arabia has to offer. 

In partnership with Petal Ads, the Saudi Tourism Authority is making substantial efforts to welcome an increasing number of Chinese tourists to explore the beauty and wonder of the Kingdom. The collaboration includes targeted marketing campaigns across various platforms to raise awareness about the diverse tourist attractions and unique experiences the country has to offer to the Chinese audience.

Meanwhile, in an endeavor to strengthen ties with China and promote Saudi Arabia as a premier tourist destination, VIP guests from the Saudi Tourism Authority participated in a panel discussion at the HDC “Together 2023 in China.” The panel discussion aimed to highlight the mutual benefits of tourism collaboration between the two nations and explore new avenues for cross-cultural exchange.


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