News Saudi Ministry of Investment, tech firm Endava sign MoU to propel digitalization efforts 

RIYADH: The latest edition of a framework designed to enhance e-government services and accelerate digital innovation in Saudi Arabia has been launched.

The Digital Transformation Index for 2024 seeks to elevate the commitment levels of the public sector to decisions and directives concerning technological evolution. 

Additionally, it aims to improve the quality of e-government services offered to beneficiaries and contribute to the Kingdom’s international leadership in this field, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency. 

The 2024 index was unveiled during a virtual workshop organized by tje Saudi Digital Government Authority that brought together over 2,000 specialists from 233 government entities, as reported by SPA.  

The topics covered included refining measurement methodologies, significant revisions to the Digital Transformation Core Criteria document, sharing success stories from DTI 2023, and outlining the roadmap for the ongoing cycle.  

The document has undergone revisions, now comprising 96 standards, down from the 125 featured in the previous year’s version.  

In 2023, a total of 226 government entities participated in the index, collectively achieving a progress rate of 85.53 percent. 

Furthermore, 88 such bodies successfully advanced to the innovation and integration stages.  

In the 2022 index, government agencies advanced by 80.96 percent, compared to 69.39 percent in 2021.  

Ahmed Mohammed Al-Suwaiyan, governor and board member of the Digital Government Authority, highlighted that the DTI serves as a crucial technological empowerment tool for the transformation journey.   

He underscored that it reinforces the strategic objectives of e-governance in the Kingdom, aligning seamlessly with the targets outlined in Vision 2030, which aims for Saudi Arabia to emerge as a premier global leader in digital administration.  

Al-Suwaiyan explained that the DTI seeks to fulfill the requisites of digitization, develop e-governance, and enhance the performance and effectiveness of government entities.  

According to the governor, this initiative accelerates the pace of digitalization in the Kingdom, enhances beneficiary satisfaction, and improves quality of life.  

Saudi Arabia has been actively pursuing innovative initiatives to modernize its infrastructure and enhance its technological capabilities.  

The Kingdom inaugurated the Industrial Artificial Intelligence Academy in February, in partnership with the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority and US-based tech firm NVIDIA.  

The academy highlights the significance of cultivating skilled national talents to compete on a global scale.  

Its objective is to equip a generation proficient in utilizing industrial AI to revolutionize intelligent environments and processes, while also promoting partnerships with top technical organizations to pioneer cutting-edge technologies.  

Saudi Arabia ranked first in the Government Electronic and Mobile Services Maturity Index for 2023, issued by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, maintaining its lead for the second consecutive time with a high maturity score of 93 percent in the overall index result, according to the authority.  

The GEMS Index categorizes 17 countries annually based on the advancement of 84 key government services offered to both individuals and businesses through online portals and smart applications, utilizing three sub-indicators.  

Saudi Arabia has achieved distinction by securing the top position across all categories, accompanied by significant progress in each indicator.

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