New Pixel 8 Pro Leaks Reveal Google’s Exciting Decisions

Update: September 24th: With smartphone photography remaining a key part of any marketing message, Google’s use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the editing tools on previous Pixel handsets helped the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro stand out with easy-to-understand features such as “Magic Eraser” which quickly removed unwanted elements from a picture.

Similarly powerful tools for video editing are expected to launch with the Pixel 8 family. This weekend a leaked video shows the capability of the AI-powered editing suite. “Video boost” which will bring image smoothing and night sight to the suite, and “Audio Eraser” which will clean up the audio and remove background sources of noise.

Photo editing also picks up a new “Face Replace” feature, which is only seen briefly, but looks to allow faces to be switched for a better final image; as well as a raft of new features for the Magic Editor.


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