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DUBAI: Renowned fashion houses from the Gulf and across the globe have unveiled their new Ramadan collections to celebrate the holy month. Designers have infused their creations with symbolic motifs, vibrant hues and sustainable practices.  

Here, we showcase Ramadan collections from several designers and brands, each blending creativity and cultural significance in their designs. 



The Saudi designer’s highly anticipated Ramadan 2024 capsule collectionis called “Suhail” and draws inspiration from the Suhail star — also known as Canopus — to symbolize new beginnings and change. Canopus — the second-brightest star in the night sky — holds deep cultural significance in the Arab world. It was heavily relied on for navigation, but also has a strong spiritual connection for people. 

Honayda’s collection blends intricate delicacy with bold monochromatic aesthetics. A press release states: “Infused with the vibrant symbolism of red, evoking strength, passion and confidence,” each design reflects the brand’s signature elements. 


This year’s Ramadan collection from the Saudi fashion house blends “elegant silhouettes, vibrant color schemes and sophisticated material choices” and “stands out with its mix of classic styles and modern detailing,” according to a press release. 

The capsule collection includes abayas, kaftans and co-ord sets, and features embroidered necklines, Najdi patterned prints, tassel detailing and geometric patterns.  

The new drop is available at Leem’s stores in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, as well as online at and global retailers including Selfridges, Bloomingdale’s and Harvey Nichols.  

Dima Ayad 

The Dubai-based Lebanese designer’s Ramadan 2024 collection showcases “a captivating blend of vibrant colors and fabric palettes, using contrasting tones with graceful sheen, sequins and metallic accents.” It features 19 outfits, ranging from two-piece sets to dresses, kaftans and kimonos, and employs two distinctive fabrics.  

The first, a print named Brushstroke, “resembles strokes of paint … combining creamy hues with rich blues, purples and greens.” The other fabric is “adorned with stars, moons and Islamic architecture, featuring varied shapes and colors including cream, navy blue, green, burgundy, and black, all with gold undertones.” 


Egyptian designer Maha Abdul Rasheed’s label is showing off a diverse new line this Ramadan. Beyond the customary kaftans and abayas, her collection introduces modest plisse sets in sky blue and mint green hues. 

Abdul Rasheed caters to numerous tastes in her collection. Offering a range of fabrics, from luxurious silks to breathable cottons, she aims to provide something for every preference. The color palette is equally versatile, featuring an array of soft pastels, including purple, pink, blue, beige and white, juxtaposed with striking hues such as orange, green and maroon. 

CH Carolina Herrera 

The New York-based label’s Ramadan campaign stars Australian-Lebanese model Jessica Kahawaty and features a curated edit of modest wear combining distinctive patterns and vibrant colors. 

Kahwaty appears in several outfits, including a striking floor-length, long-sleeved chiffon dress in vibrant red, adorned with a prominent statement bow around the neckline; a black dress accented with a white collar and embellished with a shimmering CH logo on the chest, accessorized with a beige clutch featuring the brand’s initials; a colorful printed jumpsuit, cinched at the waist with an oversized yellow bow belt; a pink satin set; a vibrant yellow ensemble; and a purple linen set. 

The edit also features a selection of CH handbags inspired by the brand’s 35th anniversary bracelet. This “Insignia” collection features distinctive gold-plated clasps in the shape of the brand’s initials on a range of clutches, buckets and satchels.  

Stella McCartney 

The British fashion designer has dropped her “Rose Capsule” collection in celebration of Ramadan. Inspired by the beauty of the rose, and its “significance in Islam as a symbol of the splendor of creation, love and the natural beauty that surrounds us,” this concise collection features ready-to-wear pieces and vegan accessories inspired by the brand’s silhouettes and “blends modesty with modernity and tradition with innovation,” according to a press release. 

It features vibrant pink and black lightweight fabrics “upcycled from past collections to minimize environmental impacts.”  

Monogrammed with S-Wave symbols and embellished with lead-free crystal panels, the collection exudes “a conscious, celebratory attitude.” Apart from pajamas, cape dresses and kaftans, the collection also includes cruelty-free accessories: “crystalline takes on the iconic Falabella Mini and Tiny totes, alongside phone holders and wallets on chains,” all handcrafted by Italian artisans using vegan materials. 


Moving beyond the traditional abaya and kaftan, this Ramadan collection from the US luxury fashion label puts the spotlight on the brand’s Tabby bag and Willow shoulder bag. The collection also introduces the label’s newest footwear styles.  

The bags are offered in a range of hues, including cream white, pastel yellow, jet black, denim blue, beige and khaki. 

Coach’s first ever Ramadan campaign stars Saudi DJ Cosmicat, Saudi footballer Farah Jefry, and fashion upcycler Salima Alaoui. 

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