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What We Are Buying Today: Saudi Arabia’s ‘Jawlah’ educating and empowering children

Jawlah is more than just a toy shop; it is a cultural and educational oasis catering to the unique needs of the region’s children.

Founded by Shahd Al-Athel and Sandi Ismail, this Saudi-based brand is on a mission to transform learning into an adventure, helping children envision a brighter future while remaining anchored in cultural history and values.

Jawlah offers a curated collection of toys and books that not only entertain but are specifically designed to improve cognitive and motor skill development. The brand’s originals reflect the rich fabric of the region, ensuring that children’s cultural identities are replicated in their play and learning experiences.

By weaving local Saudi traditions and values into their products, Jawlah fosters a deep connection between children and their heritage. From the dallah set to characters like Salman, Nakhla, and Fahda, each item embodies the essence of Arabian hospitality, identity, and legacy, educating children about the significance of customs and traditions in a fun and engaging way.

Their products cater to children aged up to 10 years, and the educational tools and toys are tailored to meet developmental milestones. By intertwining cultural themes with a commitment to sustainability and safety, Jawlah nurtures children’s curiosity, creativity, and sense of identity, encouraging them to embrace their roots while acquiring essential skills and knowledge.

The products are made from non-toxic, eco-friendly materials, allowing children to play and learn in a safe, healthy environment while introducing them to a variety of educational materials, including books, spinning tops, kaleidoscopes, and drawing tools.

Through its deeply rooted character designs and thoughtful curation like the Palestine collection, Jawlah goes beyond entertainment, aiming to educate children about various cultures and support humanitarian efforts.

By incorporating exclusive collections from publishers like Buschel and Peck, Jawlah also enriches children’s reading experiences and broadens their understanding of the world.


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