Harvard students end protest as university agrees to discuss Middle East conflict

UK Mideast minister: Israel’s actions leaving its allies ‘pretty challenged’

LONDON: The UK’s Middle East minister has warned that the war in Gaza is causing Israel’s allies numerous problems over allegations that it has broken international humanitarian law, the Daily Telegraph reported.

“I think Israel is really leaving many of its partners, including ourselves, pretty challenged on where we are currently on the issue of IHL, and how they are fulfilling their obligations,” Lord Ahmad told the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday.

“Israel has obligations. We are allies of Israel and as a constructive friend to Israel, we’d land these points very directly to them.”

On Sunday, UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron said an arms ban against Israel would not be “a wise path.”

In April, he said the UK’s stance on selling arms to Israel was “consistent with the advice that I and other ministers have received, and as ever we will keep the position under review.

“Let me be clear, though, we continue to have grave concerns around the humanitarian access issue in Gaza.”

UK law requires a ban on the sale of weapons to states that breach or fall short of adhering to international humanitarian law.

So far Canada, Japan, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands have suspended arms sales to Israel. The UK’s main opposition Labour Party called for a halt on exports this week.

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